Saturday, June 16, 2007

what else can i say?

When a truth become a lie, When a lie turn into REALITY... And you tell you wanted to trust what I said, but I make u no path to go! ( That's mean I make u no path to go, so u have to choose to trust the lies,rite?) I'm here to tell you that I never lie on you! You are the one who rather believe in lies than the truth cz you dun even dare to believe the truth, the reality! I know you are blinded rite now, and there's no need for u to see how's the real world is goin on now, cz you will only give urself an excuse saying that everything is not true! So, its good for u to be blinnded forever! And, think clearly who is the one who make u no path to go! If I'm the one, for YEARSSSS ago you have already no path to go! Hope you will never wake up to see the real world, if gonna feel regret with what you had believe!


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