Saturday, June 16, 2007

Power Station

Tonight after having window shopping with WenHaw at Parkson, we purposely pass by Travilion to see how jam is there cz Power Station having a life concert there! Traffic jam is still under control so we just stop at the roadside to hear their singing. But, last we did get down from the car cz there is a short cut from de roadside to get in. I watch it from very far, cant even see anything except da HUGE stage! But, their live band really COOL,perform very well and present us the best life music and of cz their singing is just soo nice too tho their are not handsome at all! Haha!

I got recorded some video clip with my camera. Cant see anything, but their singing is sOOO clear and I love it! Try to upload here, but take a long, I just give up lar! Tired already...=_=

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