Monday, July 30, 2007

People...! Im BACK!!!
Sorry for makin you all wait for 2 weeks!!! Its all cz virus-attack my pc! I'm now back here!! Miss you all and miss my blog!

The Simpson! Watch this movie on Saturday night with WenHaw! Funny but not suitable for kids! After da movie, around 10 sth and we went to Kuching Festival; Food Fair!

Kuching Festival??
Shud also called as Bengs & Lians Festival!
Hmm...Well, KchFest its a food fair which happen in July-August every year in our Cat City! It is always very crowded, hot and hard to get a seat! However, kch ppl still love this festival!

Lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of rubbish, lots of ah Bengs and Ah Lians too!You can see lots of ah bengs with freaking ulgy hair style and fasionable clothes with dragon or fire sign on it and ah lians wearing boot and dinner dress (I REALLY SAW AH LIANS WITH DINNER DRESS, OK?) there!
And, not to forget! Da La Pa jeans always their HOTEST fashion which will never change! Some even put up LAYERSS OF THICK AND DIGUSTING makeup!
Some do dress up REALLY very nice or sexy and with nice hair which just done in da saloon, but this is still a food fair! Maybe u are thinking that you might meet ur ENEMIES there, so u purposely dress up nice so that they know u have sense of fashion! But, sorry! Well, I'm not jealous, ok?
And also, some people can go there for 4 to 5 hour! I dono why, and I wish to know why? Stop FLIRT around in da Food fair cz its gonna make u look very super-duper cheap and LOW LOW standard!


I had eat some crab meat, lok lok, cheese hot dog, Taiwan sausages, oyster omelette and CHOCO FOUDUE!!! I found it there!!! I just buy one, RM2...Honestly not very nice, too sweet and I cannot dip it with choco myself !!!!

More pics for Kuching Festival will upload...soon? Hehe!!

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