Saturday, August 11, 2007

WenHaw's birthday is just around da corner, I try my best to give him the GREATEST birthday! I'm gonna spend all my salary+pocket money this month for his big day cz he had do so much for me! But, RM300 (Dinner + cake + present) still not really enough so I have to cut down da dinner cost. From a high class restaurant to a middle class restaurant! Cz, I still haven get my Olympus salary mar =( So far, I have chosen the restaurant and pick da rite cake for him! The only thing I gonna do and MUST be done tomorrow will be da present! I din buy it earlier cz I only get my salary this Wednesday which is few days ago! And it is so hard for me to get tat present, cz that shop open at 1pm or 2pm and closed at 6pm! And, I went there on Friday and its closed too! Cz the boss went to travel! Rich ppl's business? Hmm...=_=" Ok, tomorrow is Sunday so I think the boss is back already, and Sunday I have transport anytime so I can go to that shop at that shop's special business hour! And do da booking for dinner, plus a hand made card? I guess that's all? Did I miss anything?

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