Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shud I put da blame on myself or them? I feel unhappy. There's a torn in my heart. I did anythg wrong? Or, I'm just too sensitive? I always put da blame on others. And, I cant find da reasons why shud I blame myself. Mayb. Human is like this. Seldom wanna admit their own mistakes and put da blame on others. I'm not talking any particular ppl,ok?! Or, maybe I really make ppl hate and dislike me. I think yes. I'm rude and small gas. Fine. Fine. Fine. I dun care wad will happen next. I did mind, but, I had to tell myself not to care so much. No need to explain. No need to reply. No need to tell me why. I accept how's my life will go on. Life is a journey goes up and down. I feel sad and hurt. In da same time. I feel happie. Frens hurt bt some frens care too!

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