Saturday, September 29, 2007

Will have a week of holidays start from today! Things I gonna do for this holidays not much. Just wish can hav great date at a nice place with frens esp: with Nee and Step? And second thg will be STUDY STUDY STUDY! Wanna study my Biology and Maths!

This morning went to breakfast with WenHaw and do lil shopping. End up with a Gold color heels. Noon time, shopping AGAIN with mum and sis. Girls NEVER feel tired with shopping! Bought a Black color dress and Red color pearl necklace! I just love dress so much. Even I seldom attend party or dinner. There are still lotsa accessories, purse, hangbag, shade, top and hair's accessories tat I love and wanna hav them but no $$$ =( Photo up later! Tired and hungry now! I wanna wear my dress and heels asap!!! Anyone date me for a dinner or invite me for a party, pls? Step? haha!

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