Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Finally, have lil bit mood and time to online and blog. Busy study for trial exam. Study? Really? Ya! Haha! Exam end on next Fri and I will have a week of holiday cz PMR. Tired of study! Bt...Just leave NOT more than 3 weeks de class! Hurrrrraaay! Bye Bye my sch. My teachers. YOU sucks. Bye Bye to my sch's SMELLY toilet. Whaha. NOT gonna miss anyone of u! BUEK. And no need to wear the DAMN small size uniform. I had to squeeze in my MEAT every morning wearning my uniform. I gain at least 5kg this year! Fat. YuckS! I wanna throw my FAT MEAT on your face! Nah!


Last Sunday. Opening of Yu-Des. Cousin's Kopitiam/Cafeteria. At 12th miles. Rite opposite the JPJ's front gate.

Wake up around 8 sth in the morning. Its SUNDAY morning. Tired. What to do? Its Biao Ge's BIG day. Day become BOSS. Finally? haha! We had our breakfast; buffet at his Kopitiam. Then, fooling around, playing around, kepoh+ing around, Chit-chating around. Many relativeSsSs. Some I know. Some I dun know. =_=

While everyone is busy+ing around. There's one lonely old man playing psp at a corner. How pity wor! No ppl chat with him. Whahaha! He is my Daddy. Reason? cz he is non-FOOCHOW. Mum is FooChow. And, mostly or almost all my mum's side relatives speak FooChow. And, this lonely old man CANT speak FooChow. Hahahaha!

See? Oh my daddy!

Slowly. He's addicted.

Playing. Seriously.

Sweetest + Happiest family photo!

The Most Perfect Match.

Act PIG.

Act Ah Ma. Playing Grandma's spect.

Lady boss at da counter?

Sista and Cousins!

"Ai Sei Man" Grandma!

Cousin received lotsa flowers. Fresh Flowers. Dry Flowers. Fake Flowers.
My fav: Fresh Pink Roses.

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