Tuesday, October 09, 2007

3:30 am

Few hour to the morning. I'm Tired. I'm Bored. I skip whole week de class. I dun care. I hate goin sch. I hate teachers. I wanna do sth new in my life. I'm tired with study, book, maths, biology, chemistry. I'm scare to go to sch, I hate QUESTIONSssssss from teachers. Somehow. I miss my frens. My classmate. Last week is my school holidays, I end up study NOTHING but sleep. I sleep most of the time when I skip my class. I want spend money without limit. There are so much thing I wish for. Give me some money! I want: DSLR camera. Cosmetic. Jeans and t-shirt. Dress and heels. Short pants and bikini. Accessories and bags. Club and travel. Party and dinner. Choc and alcohol. Money and Money. Food and Food. Eat and Eat. I wanna learn sth new. Try sth new. I'm bored. Any suggestion?

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