Monday, October 01, 2007

Another lazy day end up doin nothing, study nothing. Do some housework. Go Olympus office. Fetch sis. Nap. Sms. TV. Comp. Bored! Cant really out cz mum nagggggggggging me for study study and study! Sob Sob Sob. Seem its a boring day, so I just look around at friendster. Normally, I din look around. Cz I got 900 plus ppl in my list. How to check it out page by page? Anyway, I'm waiting this friendster acc to get FULL. And, will create another acc for my own frens! Easier for me to check out their latest photo and news. While looking around, I found another cafe? using friendster to promote their place. 1st:Ameobar. 2nd: De Crimson. Now?...
Name: Take Away My Love
Location: Opposite SUPP hall.

Click here for more photo and information:
So far, I haven heard any friends or read other blogger talk about this place. Found it from friendster. Does this works in promoting their place? My opinion? Posting up more pics of their food might be work lar. Not just the photo of the interior. If its a boutique sure works by posting their clothes and the price.

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