Monday, November 12, 2007


-How many scoop of Gelato u want?

Hehe =) Saturday nite, after Hair Cut > Dinner @ Patience > Scoops !

The one and ONLY one place u can get Gelato in kch =(
Hope for more & more shop selling Gelato after the opening of the Spring and Boulevard.

We order 3 scoops which costs RM12.
We have OreO, Kiwi -VERY NICE, Pink Guava.

~Rules in Scoops~

Its LOW fat/sugar/Calories! Girls on Diet-No worries!
Plain water wil be served.
The interior...
Part 1. - Mostly everyone's fav corner.

Part 2. - Nice pillow=P

Part 3. - Our seat.

Part 4. the mirror -Gal's fav thing!

Pei Pei & WenHaw
Since Feb, 2004


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