Sunday, November 18, 2007

GirlsSs! Stop Shopping Now! Save ur MONEY for

Boulevard : 19th Dec 2007
the Spring : 10 Jan 2008


STPM =) I'm not ready yet. Not to say not ready, cz even given one more week, one more month, one more year. I still not ready.I'm not in to it.

This two weeks while everyone busy study; I busy typing application letters, looking for vacancy, interview. I had found 2 job which is Tuition Teacher. Tuition center A offer me RM750 one month, B offer me RM8 per hour. Working day only MON - FRI. BUT, I reject both. I went to the interview for the vacancy at tuition center A on Monday. After looking at my resume and ask some question and bla bla bla. They started to test me sth. Guesss what? They give me PRIMARY 6 english work to do! And said: " our pri 6 student's standard is like this, u try to do, see you can or not?" WTF. FUCK! FUCK! I'm form6 student, and I get A1 for both paper in spm. And, u give me such fucking easy thing to test me???! You think I can print Fake SPM slip? And they claim tat the salary I ask for is too high. I can earn RM80 per day, why cant I ask for RM750 per month? This few days they keep calling me and wanna confirm me with the job but I dun even wanna answer. Wkaka! Tuition Center B is good and principal is sooo friendly too. They want me too, but cant let me take any off on January. Oh Oh Oh NO!! Too bad. I must need a week of holidays for Jan no matter WHAT. So, I cant take the job=(

My studies...
I did study for PA paper one. Essay part? =( Hope note from SH can help me. Haiz" For Chemistry...I dun even have Chemistry book, Chem volume 1 & 2 already sold to someone. Volume 3, I had borrow to my fren, CAT. Cz I dun even wanna study, so better giv it to the one who wan to study, rite. Math? I jz confident with 3 chapter. Cz I always skip class. So, many topic and formula tat I dun understand. Biology...? I jus finish reading 3 chapter. Reading only, haven memorise or understand. I dun hope, I cant EVEN hope for good result, jz wish wont fail my PA and Maths. I know I will surely FAIL Chemistry de.

Anyways, STPM is not tat important anymore. Cz I know how much I work for it and what I will get.

Now! I NEED A GOOD JOB! AND PARTY AFTER STPM TO CELEBRATE THE END OF FORM6 AND TO CELEBRATE XXXXXX. Cannot said.U know I know la =P As Tyna said: What goes around and comes around. This is so REAL. Hihihi!

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johnny said...

both big and mega shopping center going to open soon!!!!
I can go when i back...
more updates from them yea..

Wish you have ur best time in STPM