Friday, December 14, 2007

HoHoHo ^^

Yeah! Merry Xmas is around the corner! Bt, what make me so excited? Nothing! cz so far still haven plan anythg for Xmas except party at my house?! Boulevard wil be open on next Wednesday, Man!! Hehehe! Last week and this week I had been busy. VERY VERY BUSY ok? Bringing mum's friend go around Kuching. There's nothing much u can do in Kuching except EAT and EAT! We dun have nice places like Danga Bay in Johor, or places like Sunway or any theme park as well. Shopping in Kuching are Fuckin BORING I can see them almost killed by boredom when I bring them to our shopping places. We only have variety of food - which is very CHEAP and lotsa forest and trees! I'm also busy in my career - TEACHER! I'm now a English and BM teacher. I dun teach others subject =) I enjoy teaching so much, time pass very fast! Nway?!... So far, there is no students or kids who is very pubo to me! Naughty is still acceptable, but never be so rude or Bo Ka Si to me! I will giving my students exam next week, and those who get high markh will get a Xmas present from me! And, they are all very excited and curious to know wad's the present is? Hohohoho!!! Merry Xmas!

Candies from mum's fren=)

There's a nite...
When both of us have no place to go...

We went to Starbucks for drinks!

I had my fav Choco Drinks, He had his Mocha @$%#@^$#*....

The cream is tastier than the drinks!! Anyway, both of us prefer Coffee Bean. Starbuck jz have the logo which is nicer than Coffee Bean.

We spent an hour there? Playing this =) Its kinda crowded after a while and its very COLD. So, we decided to leave the place.

Purchase 17 drinks and 1 food item JUST to get a Free note book from Starbucks! And the note book have nth special.

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