Saturday, February 16, 2008

*** Valentine ***

- Being with the one you love the most, everyday gonna be a sweet Valentines. There's no need to wait till 14th Feb and u start busy searching for gifts, and flowers? And, u have no idea to buy cz u dono him/her well enough! And FlowerS! Expensive on V day...

-This year, as usual: Dinner =) and gifts. Dinner at Manhattan and off to town and turn around to watch ppl selling roses and bears. I think their business were not so good? Less couple this year or no money or they have prepared sth more special than buying those "boring" flowers and bears at the roadside? No idea! Anyway, happy V for those who are in LOVE and Happy single V for those single!

After Dinner, no place to go cz its not our 1st Valentines and we stick together everyday so no idea wer else can be more special? Pass by one restaurant and we had our FIRST time thr. Shhhh....!

First time trying this Sisha. Turkish smoking pipe @ Little Lebanon. We had apple favour. Sucks! Dunhill much much better ???? No doubt.

Thanks a lots!


Warranty for 1 year ONLY! Rochet have 2 or 3 years!

A box of Chocolate. Yum Yum!!!


I dun wan to; bt I have to admit that I din get him a very expensive present. I want to bt he stop me =) And giving him this present was kinda self-fish too, I know! CZ I want him to save money for my shopping. Haha. You can say watever u wan on me cz I dun care, but you cant stop him for doing it for me! Cz... I worth for him to do so! I'm saving a big amount of money for this coming August!

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