Saturday, February 16, 2008

she is emo+ing

Friend comes and goes

some of them just lookin for u when they need u

they wont care abt you when they are having fun

some of them always stick with u but with some reasons at the back

you never know why and never know when they will betray u

no matter how real and how good you treat them

you will still never be the best

so what for you need friends?

what the use u dun mind fetching them

what the use u dun mind paying MORE almost everytime

to disappoint yourself or to hurt yourself

open your eye and see how those friend treaten you lar!

they have so many reasons for forgetting you

they have only one reason to ask u out

the reason is they need you to pick them lar!


but its ok u see the reality rite now

at least u wont loss anythg again start from now on

and you finally get back the real friendship that you had lost

you are doing the right thing giving up them as friend

and you dun have to feel sad or hurt

they dun worth for your tears

be strong, my girl...!!!

there are still lotsa ppl might can be ur real fren


michi said...

pei..who are you talking about oh? haha..sounds a bit serious le..friends walk in and out of our lives..few can really stay so sometimes it's hard to say who's at fault.they might have their own reasons or they do not even realize you think they're betraying so sometimes it's good to confront them, sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk.

jimmychin said...

sigh..many ppl is like tat.. disappointed with them oledi. when need you will find u.. after tat.. forget u.