Sunday, April 29, 2007

Danga BaY

Day 3 at JB (Nite time)

The GREATEST & AWESOME place located near a beach in JB!
At here, you can find shopping mall, food court, cafe, restaurant, mamak stall, and stall which selling different stuff...and so on.

This place really CooL~ u just can get WATEVER you want here!
There is also stalls own by businessman from Thailand. All the dress and clothes are nice and cheap!

If u come here in the day time, u will feel so RELAX and feel good!
At night...It become a very romantic place! With very nice night view and music! My heart is melting when think abt Danga Ba!
But, I come at night around 10 sth, so just buy some stuff from the Thailand stalls and have a ride on the four-seat-bicycle? Still call bicycle ma?
A place You MUST go if u visit Johor !!!!!!!

We rent the RM38.Cz more safety and wont getlost cz this place really super BIG?!!But Only for 30 min...

LiChoo and my sis
Well, that's all...You just cant miss this if u go JB, sure u can get lots of stuff with very low price! Trust me(^^)

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