Friday, May 04, 2007

香 蕉 巧 克 力 蛋 糕!

Finally...but, Disappointed!
Finally i had try the Choc Banana at Secret Recipe!
But, not as nice as i think!

Jenna + Choc Banana + PeiPei

4 of us?(^^)

Nop! Its 5 of us! Thx for the SUPER handsome waiter for takin tiz pic for us!!! You are just SOOOoo HandsOme, GentLeMen & *delicious*!
Can i order you?

This will be Much Much nicer!
Choc Cheese!

oh, Banana~

After Secret Recipe den we go meet Tim!
民 歌 餐 餐 厅??

RH plaza's Point One!

2 songs for RM1, Anyone?

Cute ler? whaha!

orange? or Tim?

Point one cafe become Music Cafe 4 days ago...
Whose idea?
But, as I know Music Cafe is NOT really suitable for Kch people.Mayb thr is also some ppl like it? "Some" places tat ever doin the same thing do not attract MORE customers too! And, soon...Bye Bye!
For me? Dun really like it! I dun really enjoy with all their singing except some of my favourite songs!I feel so hard to talk to my fren in THAT condition! Only make me feel wanna run away!

p/s: im in love blogging with chinese words! Whaha!!! More n More coming soon!

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