Thursday, April 19, 2007

Johor !!

JohoR...Cannot said its a BEST place to visit but its worth for me to go there cz I can meet my very BEST frenS there!
This is IGLoo? YA...its iGLoo! But why?


This? IGLoo again? NOp...This is JB airport! Believe me now?
My older post had mention de decoration in iGLoo is same with JB airport! CopyCAT? haha...
I reach JB on last friday (13/04).Mama, LingLing and I went thr.Cz daddy already at Singapore! So, we meet thr!.
The first place we visit! The Store.
Nothing inside only have some nice accessories shop!

I saw this on the way to my Mama's fren house.
Funny? Weird? Promote the roasted duck? How if, if one day, it fall down and knock someone?
JB Ais Kacang.
Different with us cz really got *KACANG*!
Well, we din visit much place on the 1st day.
Cz dad reach jb around 9pm
2nd day! Wake up early in the morning and hav my breakfast somewhere near our hotel. I have this for my breakfast!
My Dim Sum! Nice!

Ling and I use cab to go City square cz daddy and mummy went to Sg!

CAt Women!

Dad gave me RM200 ask me treat them for lunch. So, we have our lunch together which cost me RM110 !
A bit expensive lor!

The fake *Ella* and me!
Milo peng. Milo powder on top? I have no idea why!
LiChoo come pick us and go Holiday Plaza!
I'm NOT goin thr for 2nd time.The building are so old! And the clothing inside which have no brand are all VERY expensive!

Stupid pose!
Miaw and Ching went back to Singapore around 7pm. So, LiChoo bring me to the BIGGEST Jusco in M'sia!
Treat LiChoo dinner cz have fetching us here and there!

I order this!

Miaw buy this for me and my sis jz to thank me for the lunch! Very happy to meet Miaw. We share our gossip. Yeah! GOSSIP, everywhere everytime!!
(So what? Come slap me lar!)
And have a great shopping time with her!
S.t.o.r.y OF u.S
LiChoo, Miaw and I were very BEST fren when Iwas in Form1 and Form2! LiChoo transfer to JB after F3 and Miaw go Sg work after Form5! Three of us were scout! We have lots of sweetand sour memories together! Miaw really a very good fren, she always protect me in sch, provide me lotsa fun! LiChoo is da one who always bring me go shopping with her!
More update on this weekend. Wanna sleep liao!

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