Thursday, April 05, 2007

Me, Me and Meeeeee!!!

I had went back to Sibu last weekend for "Qin Ming". That's mean din out with frens and gossip for last weekend!!

Sibu is jz a very SMALL town.Bored~!!! And not much fun and no shopping too! The shopping center or shop are full with out-dated stuff and the price is higher than Kch. The only BEST thing in Sibu is the Kompiah! RM1 for 6 pieces! I only took one photo in the hotel.

And, before goin to Sibu... I had straighten my hair! I like it...! At least no need much time to make my curly hair nice before goin out! However, I do love my curly hair too!

Some of my before-and-after or after-and-before pic!!

No straighten and No curl...
Curly hair...

LateSt...Straighten hair!
(the only pic in Sibu)
Wad do u thk? Which one is nicer? I like all but curly hair bring me lotsa trouble!!
After straighten my hair last Thursday noon, I went for KFC with my classmate!!


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