Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wishing Well

ExaM...ya! Last week having exam!
No dating, No gossiping, No lim teh, No shopping!
also, No Revision as well! Haha! How to study? The book is thicker than a dictionary! And no color no picture! Fuck the writter!

Stress? Arh...just acting stress!

yaya...Hav break!!

And a nice drink!
Well, I'm goin to FAIL again!
After all the science subject had done! Sharon & me out wit Step again!
Just cant wait to see her and GOSSIP non-stop!

We went to the new kopitiam + cafe + pub in Saturday noon!
~the wishing Well~

Nice place!

Make a wish!

Look cool but this corner is so HOT! No fan No air-cond!

ME! sms + ing my WenHaw

gosh...Old kid wearing snoopy!
Luckily u are jz old kid not OL!

After gossiping we went to shooping! Just a window shopping! Cz...Step wanna buy EARing! Haha...Sharon send me back home instead of Step cz Im rushing for my next date! Go dinner with WenHaw! Finally Kch rain! It was DAMN hot today!

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wEeNeE_88 said...

Woosshh! Cool gal...exam thn No dating, No gossiping, No lim teh, No shopping revision as well!!! LoLxXx!!! Oh btw, whr's The Wishing Well...i wanna go hv a drink as well laaa! Tee heee!!! Till thn...take k yaa? Muahx!
P/S: MISS gossiping wif yaaa!!! Duhh~~~u noe i noe larr..our some old topic!! Wakaka!