Sunday, May 06, 2007

365 days!

Its 0505...I mean 5th May! Its a night belong to uS!
Just a very simple & normal dating, but its means a lot!
Fu-yoh~~ Haha!

Actually, we plan to go Carvery and we reached there already!
But, its FULLY-BOOK. This is TOO BAD! I wanted go there so badly!!!
So, just drive off to pasar area cz Carvery is located at Pending.
Pass by this Patio restaurant, so decided go there cz never been there yet.


CooL! Decoration/Design inside is very nice!
And I love places where sofa seat & pillow are provided!

He is Mine!

Choc & Mocha Ice-Blended!
I prefer Room 205's Choc Iceblended!

Hot Choc? Nop...Its Mushroom soup!

Honey Lamb Leg! Not bad ya!!
I know all the pic are nt clear cz its too dark! But, nevermind too! i dun like taking photo with flash light!

Mix Grill~ Its mine!
Well, the price are all reasonable!
You afford for it!

After our meal...of Cz desert!
Ice cream with topping pls..?Sorry, finish already...
ok, then give me Marble Cheese? Ar...also finish too o!
ok, then u can close ur shop now!

Finally, I got my longEST relationsHip in my life! Huh~

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