Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cindy Collection!

Today...Jenna n I went to Cindy's house! Cz she own a small business by selling some accessories, perfume, hair clip, cosmetic, stickers and cute stationary in her house. Sooner there will be selling clothes, bag...etc!

Let's talk about her Mini Zoo in her house!
Guess how many dogSss she had in her house?
5? 8? or 10?
No, no, no...Its 13!!!!

I want this!!!

Spot how many doggie in this photo!

Cute, rite?

ok, back to Cindy's Collection!

Cindy & Jenna!

Cindy & Me! Ya...She is 菊 云! Its our primary classmate! For those who lost contact with her, its time to contact back her and give her some business!
I buy a mascara from her! Wish her luck in doin this business!

NEW** branch of IGLoo is now open at King's Center!

Remain the same design like the main branch!

Cute table & seat!

Cute counter!


Forget de name! cOLoURFuL...

Green Tea Ice with Red Bean topping!


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