Monday, May 07, 2007

You should given the Oscar Award!

Hey...wanna go smoke?
Huh? smoke? still asking like tat? Are you sure you really wanna smoke only? Or u wanna come and korek sth to share with ur frensss? Now I know you are the one who makin everything goes WORST. Cb SPY!! Wad a lousy spy with a face full of pimplesSs! Thousand of pimples! Oh, yuCkSs!!! Digusting! Wonder how ur future gf gonna kiss u! Oh, makin me vomit!!! Hahaha...Smoke with u? This type of ppl? Still acting even I had pointed u out very clearly!!!

He is askin one of my fren to go smoke, if he is askin me, I gonna ans: Smoke, Smoke, Smoke....SMOKE YOUR LAN JIAO !!!!!!

Opps..Sorry been so rude ya?
Im just so high! Cz I got to know that he is da SPY! Wad a lousy spy!!

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