Monday, May 07, 2007

Beef Noodles Addict

Stay at home for 2 dayscz tired and bored at school...So, Tue and Wed I just Zzz at home instead of goin school! Huh...!!


I'm addicted with Beef noodles ^^

Morning I went to Madam Tang's Cafe to have my breakfast with my parents!

They only provide Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Beef Noodles!
This pic look not very nice cz its taken by my hp camera.

So, I order beef noodles! Arr...not super NICE but still ok!
This oso taken by my hp camera.
Noon time, Sha, Step and I went to have drink at Jade Pot before I go for tuituion...

Our drinks...Milk Tea^^ RM3.00 ++

Beef Noodles AGAIN!!! Twice a day!
At night...Sha, Step AGAIN + LW come tomy house and chit chat till 11 sth.
That's the end of my day!

Tonight went to B.O.P have drink with Sha and Step AGAIN...
All of us feeling TIRED + MOODY + BORED + SIEN!!!
I'M SUPER DUPER TIRED and I miss my WenHaw sooo badly!!!!!!!!!! Goin to sch 2ml and gonna have drinks with Sha and Step AGAIN AGAIN and AGAIN 2ml noon!!!

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