Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back to SchooL; FormSix's Life SuckS!

School life still go on like normal; bored and suckS! What I do is sleep, dreaming, acting as I'm listening to the teacher, or draw and write sth on the book when teachers is teaching (so that, teacher tot I'm doin short note)...I hate form Six, I dun really like all the teacher except Math teacher, he always make us laugh almost every Math period with his own lame joke. Some teachers are lazy, more lazy than me! Some teachers DUN even qualify to teach us! If that's the way a Form Six teacher can be, I think I also can stand there and teach!...Teacher makin us in trouble while they get their paid monthly! This is unfair...SOME teachers are suCks! Not only student like me do acting in the class, but teacher is acting too! Acting as they can teach so well! But...HELL NO!

I used to love to go to school so so much.But, recently I HATE SCHOOL MUCH! Hate those lazy teacher and those bitch and YOU, the lousy SPY . Hating those who makin me sick! I'm fed up with Form Six's life, its like everyone just have de look that is mature, but the heart and mind still damn CHILDISH, include me? I'm tired, disappointed, fed up, and HATE my life in sch!

Its not a big deal, need to do like that mar?
I did sth wrong, arrr...just a very small mistake and make someone not happy. I had said soo sorry and I din mean to do it cz I dono it might bring such a big trouble to you! For me, I had said I'm soo sorry, and I din do it purposely, I think its enough! Cz its seem like nothing soo serious happened too! But you? ROLL EYE ON ME! Aikss...ppl telling me you are a good and nice person, but...wad I see and face its not de same with what I heard from others! Ya, I'm soo sad but not bcz you...Losing a fren like u, I feel nothing cz we are not close, but I saw the way u roll ur eye makin me freaking burning! But, tat's fine if u feel HAPPY...cz who care? Up to you lar! I'm sad the way my life is goin on... in sch!

Very Luckily...
I still have the 5 gals in my class which always willing to be my listener when I need. I din said they gossip with me abt others or totally stand at my side! But, they always willing to hear and they are fully trusted! Even we din always hang out together, but I know they are real frenSss! I will always remeber u GALS...! And I have this Sharon and Step to shout at when I'm angry or hate sth! ARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

I only been to school for 2 and a half day this week! Monday, Tuesday and half day of Wednesday! Today and tomorrow will have my own holidays! Form Six's life makin me sick! Its a nigthmare, Its a memories that I dun wanna keep, Its a period of time that been polluted, Its a moment that mean nothing at all and yet wasting my time! Still 4 1/2months to go! Its like 4 thousand years!

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DreamYbubbLe said...

not only form 6 life sux, so does for college life, some ppl juz feel happy to c u sad,and these malicious ppl never realized how bitchy themselves are!these rumour mongers owez look damn innocent, but the rumours they spreaded around sometimes can reli stab u to death!so, we shall never let these ppl ruin our lives!!!