Friday, June 29, 2007

Home Made Choc Cheese

Choc Cheese by WenHaw ^^

Last night went to celebrate WenHaw's fren, L.Yong's birthday! And he had made a Choc Cheese for his fren! Nice, rite? A very perfect cake!

After diner, went to a cafe next to Isabella, named B.O.P (Bird Of Paradise)! Aiks...nothing special! Drinks also normal drinks that we can get in Kopitiam! But, the price are cheaper than Isabella. Its a open air type cafe and quite dark so I din take any pics only da cake! I might love this place more than Isabella, cz drinks taste better than Isa and no need to take off shoes!! There are still one cafe in this area where this 3 cafe's drink and food taste so so only! The worst thing is there got not much parking place =_="


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