Friday, June 29, 2007


Whahaha^^ Choc Cheese in a glass!!
From my dearest one...

Nice Nice!!
Pink And Strawberry Handphone!

Whahaha!!! So happy with da Pink + Strawberry casing!!!
Bought it from Kenyalang. RM7.80!

Love it SOOOOOOO much!

Besides this, there are still a lot of handphone accessories!! Stickers and cute casing!! And da price is cheaper than other places!

P/S: Read this, its a old lady's blog tat recommended by my fren, jo! A singapore actress, heard this old lady mention abt this blog in da movie Follow The Law! First, I was shocked!!! I tot got ppl wanna insulf herself using this kind of URL but luckily not her...Beg her will NEVER use blogspot too! Cz I'm using it now, using this first! I know its sooo CHILDISH to say like tat but still I wanna say like tat...Hehe, dun be too offensive ya!! Soli if hurt ur feeling bt im not talkin abt u boh!

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