Saturday, June 02, 2007

I should be at Oregano now...Cz Mimi is celebrating her birthday there! Sorry Mi....Cz Sha and I really very tired cz working mar! I really wanted to go...but de tiredness make me dun feel like to dress up and make up! And I dun wanna go out cin cai cin cai like that...Sorry! I know its ur big day!
Happy Birthday to MiMi, Love u! HugSs!!

Yeah...I got RM240 just that easy in 3 days time! This time is kinda BORING, unlike PC MUCH ppl, and so BUSY! Oppsss...this time its not a roadshow, just a in-house promotion! That's mean I only have to stay in the shop. Many customers misunderstand that I'm working for that shop, order me do this and that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not my job,k? My job only need to promote my Olympus camera, just use my mouth and no need to MOVE...

Some customers are really SUCKSs.
First type, Compared de price with other shop, if u think there is somewhere else u can get better offer den just go there lar! STOP wasting my time here!
Second type, they love to ask so much, but what I said they dun really believe...But, there's still some customers are soooo nice!

Yaya...Then, what for u ask? As a Olympus promoter sure I said good thing lar! U think Sony or Canon paying my salary? Use ur brain a bit...

Sharon stay at my place for last 2 night cz her family Balik Kampung!

Okie...EveryOne, Happy Belated Gawai!

Gawai eve I received msg from Sharon saying Gawai eve is bored, alone, and sucks...and so on! So, I said let's find some places to continue whisky and Vodka and chit chat around AND I ask her to pack her thing overnight at my house after having drink!


I only have this pic for that nite! Cz drinking will be more wonderful den taking picSss...! There are still some more soft drinks and choc! So, LungWei, Step, Sha and me count down for Gawai! Reach home around one sth den Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
WednesDay ( Day before I work for the promotion )

Laksa! My favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had my breakfast with Sha and Step!
Then we go for window shopping and visit Sha's working place at Crown. After that, 3 of us go shop for Mimi's birthday present!

After buying Mimi's present den...McD (^^)!


This pic is nice rite? And so, the McFlurry and nails are nice too! Manicure!!!!! This wad I gonna do after STPM!
MorninG= Breakfast with Family and BabieS!

My baby Ai jia!

Baby Momo love stick 2gether with mama! She is Cute, rite?

Then, at night I went for PA tuition!!After tuition, went to Point One to meet frEnSss...

Slap her!

First time NgeeTing's pic in my blog! haha!
I know I look not so nice tat night! I dono got go to drinks after tuition mar, So...No make up and dress up lor!

Ya!!! This is Sharon!
Sharon on de stage singing with de singer there!!
Whaha...buat malu lar! Nolar, actually Sha sing well with her barbie doll voice!

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