Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i love M$NEY

I have no time to update, cz i dun even have much time to stay at home!! HolidaySss! This will be de last holidays i can enjoy before STPM... Thinking to update tonight but I cant make it cz I'm working for Olympus roadshow again, so I have to Zzzz earlier !!! Huh!!! Facing finance problem recently cz I had spot many places and foods I wanna go and try! And guess wad?...this noon I received a call from Olympus asking me to work for their roadshow and they are INCREASING my salary!!!!!!!! Giving me RM20 more per day! Oh, I love money! 3days promotion at Hock Lee Center, and tat's GREAT!! I can have lunch and dinner with da Jubah gal (ShaRon) cz she is helping her fren's dad at Crown! I just love this job! MuaksssSsss...! Dun feel shock if see me thr!!! But, dun come greet me if u are not buying my camera! Hahaha!! Will update more when I got free time!

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