Thursday, June 07, 2007

Moist Choc Cake

Having a tea time with Step, Ai, and Sha this noon! Cz...Step having exam soon, so might not seeing her this 2 weeks! We went to Secret Recipe! hihi^^

Moist Choc Cake!

I had said...I REALLY love Choc soo MUCH lar!

But, this Moist Choc cake is actually ALMOST same with the Brownies lar! =_=" This is not what I wish for! I want to try something new! Its nice on de eye BUT not really nice on de mouth!
The choc look GREAT ya, and yet the choc cream/sauce look like very pure and thick! But its tooooo sweet lar! And, the extra choc cream? Not cream lar, shud be choc sauce?...Makin my throat stick together!
Anywer, I did try Step's cheese cake, its NICE! So, what I can said is...
they do serve the BEST cheese cake but not all the cakeSs are nice! Like their very famous Choc Banana and this Moist Choc had disappointed me! Cz, its not very nice!
So, next time...better order cheese cake! But, the outlook of all de cakeSss are attractive and will make u feel hard to decide which to order! I strongly recommended Choc Cheese! And, remember!!! Choc Cheese and Cheese Choc NOT the same!

ok, time to show u my face!!

Sha and I...Just wake up from Zzz! Blur~

Step and Ai**

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