Wednesday, June 06, 2007

india Fren ^^

I tot wont be blogging this fews day till I back to sch cz have to do my Biology assignment and do some revision! But, tonight accompany Sharon go shopping den LungWei called and I heard someone shouting "peipei...I MISS YOU...#%$%$%#$^$&" something like tat! Guess who? Its Lavanya!! My dearest India fren! So, after shopping then meet Lavanya at Point One!

Me and Lavanya!!

Well, she is the sweetest India fren I ever had! We were frens since Form1! She is a very very nice gal that everyone loves her so much! And also our school TOP student! I guess there's no one wont know about her! She had change a lotssssssssssssss! But, her sweetest smile never change!

That's the only pic I post tonight...Cz I know you guys feel freakin SIEN to see Jena, LW and Sha's pic! Anywer...they will still always in my blog!

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