Saturday, June 30, 2007


Finally can meet and have drink with WeeNee liao! Its been weekSSSs we wanna meet each others but dun have da right time! When I'm free, Nee is busy! When Nee is free den I'm busy!! OR, wehn both of us are free, denLW wil be busy!!! ARGH... Okies, tonight ALL of us are FREE! Lungwei said pick me at 9pm but he came at 830pm, tat time I still thinking what to wear, so no time for make up again! We reach Oregano around 930pm!

Nee's LungWei's PeiPei's

JuOn without makeup!

LungWei and cute Nee ^^
Everytime after gossip we get to know lotsa things, and what's the truth! And, who is real fren, who is acting !! I'm not tat expert in acting but I will tell what I know to protect my own REAL frens! I know you feel wanna vomit me when i use tat word *PROTECT* ! But, Who care? I dono why some ppl jus love to act cz wanna get more fren! In front of u, they can act as they are ur loyal fren! But, at da back? They will go to other side and talk bad thing about you! Is that the ONLY way they can get more FRENSss? Freakin STUPID!

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