Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finally =)

Starbucks Coffee is now open at Kuching Airport ^^!!! Its located at 2nd floor, next to KFC. So, now you can enjoy Starbucks in Kch too!

Cheese, Donuts, Pies

Lady's Drinks...

For sure, I ordered Choc, Choc Cream Chip RM14.50
Step ordered Caramel, RM14.50
Sharon ordered Signature Hot Choc, RM9.50
Still affordable for go there once or twice amonth? For me ^^ cz I'm not rich ppl but not poor too!

Nothing much to write, just a simple about Starbucks Coffee!

I hope this will be my last cup of Choc drinks =( We went for window shopping before go for drinks, cz I'm still searching for short pant! I try one jean which is 27 inch but still...Och~!!! I used to wear 26 but now? 27 also cannot...So sad, cz I love wearing short pant esp da super short type! Whahaha!!! And so, Step its time for us to ahem...No cheese cake, No caramel, No choc, No rabbit candy!!!

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Edmund Yung said...

Oh goodie! I hope my airport pass can get me discount there... ekek