Saturday, August 04, 2007

Few days ago, maybe a week ago, I cant wait to go Kuching Fest with my frens! I went there last nite, but its not as fun as I tot! The food I ate is not as much as I wish! Everyone's mood was spoiled by da rude+ness of some babarianS, crowded+ness and the hard+ness of getting a seat. When we get our seat, we are already not in da mood of eating! My tiredness and Sien+Ness make da fried ice cream taste not nice, make da MuaChee taste not sweet enuf, make da Taiwan sausage taste too spicy, make my fried crab meat taste so bored? make my money gone without reason. The worst thing is Step's ChaKueh! Not nice, not good, not enough, not pretty, not worth, not suitable...Whatever! There's no satisfication, even with lotsa food around...I want a happy and enjoyable Kch Fest!

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