Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bla Bla Bla...

People! I know my blog is BORED and Dead recently. Well, bcz STPM. The worst thing I ever did in my life will be STPM. I wrote NOTHING in my Chemistry papar2. I feel like killing myself! Its a big shame of me, FAIL to answer those stupid questionS. During Maths paper, I leave the exam hall earlier. VeryEARLY, just an hour after exam start? I dono... and I just drove home and SLEEP. I'm not regret for not studying hard, but regret for entering FORM6. BUT. I did well for my Biology paper one! I hope paper 2 which is on Tuesday gonna be very easy for ME, but very difficult for YOU! Those who wrote so many for Chemistry! Haha!

After 10:30am on Tueday, that's the END of the nightmare. You can call me out for Tea, Breakfast, Club or watever you want! I wish STPM result wont come out FOREVER! I dun wanna see how badly I had did. I will be very Sakit hati, man!

Let's talk about Good and Happy thing!

Things I Gonna/MUST Do After STPM:

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. Loss Weight!
Cut my hair SHORT. I wanna keep my hair Long, bt it take a long time, so! Cut off!
Get A JOB and work hard. Money Money! $$$$$
Meet with all my bitchy frensSs.
Mum's Birthday!
Opening of Boulevard.
Create a NEW blog.
Have a Craziest Christmas party with my frens, at my house. (cz parent will off to Hongkong for X'mas)
Save money for my BIG day on Jan.

More and More post with lotsa pic after this! Marry Brown is coming to Kuching soon!


Katherine Lee said...

Marrybrown? Really? Whereabout?

Anonymous said...

YA! Really =) i think in Boulevard?