Monday, December 03, 2007

I had cut my hair SHORTER than this! First, I cut it till this length. Then, I cut it shorter again the next day. Its soo ugly bt i still like it. Wanna dye it. And maybe straighthen it on Jan?
I had get my job which is Tuition Teacher for Primary 2 and Primary 3. I kinda enjoy it. Cz I only need work for Mon to Fri, from 9am-1130am. I have my own room. Talk watever I want, ask student do watever I want. But, problem I facing now is, I dun understand some chinese words. My chinese is very poor. So, I think I have to bring a dictionary? Tomorrow will be my last paper. Oh ya, The Tuition center located at Premier 101. Step is working at Premier 101 too! Wkakakaka! Her FIRST job?

Some Choco! MeltZz! My favourite! My whole family favourite!

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