Thursday, December 27, 2007

Caffe Cino

-Today I had a great Tea Time with Wee Nee!

We start gossip once Nee entered my car till now (in msn)! I have tuition tonight so I have to back earlier. If not, I would like to have a walk with Nee at Boulevard. Yea, Again!

Still in Xmas mood? another nice xMas tree. But, I still prefer the Junk's.

Nee had a glass of Mocha Ice Blended. Her fav! Cream on top of her drink!

While I had my FAVOURITE, Choco drink. Hot Choco! This had appeared in Kennysia's and Nicolekiss's blog. And, I can see most of the customers havin the same drink with me!

The Choco Stick will meltZ and mix with the hot milk and bcum Hot Choco!

We had goosssippp too much till no time for our own picS. But, nvm =) There's still a lots of chance! See u next year, Nee! hahaha!!!

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