Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Last weekend, Mimi Step and I had a date at the junk! A place with special exterior and interior. I came here bcz of its Xmas Tree.

Sit down, and have a hair cut?

Cake counter...

Lantern. Look kinda scary. Some ppl said this place is......

Some ppl said they saw......

Oreo Crush & Vanila crush. Mimi and I have the same drink; OREO! very nice!

Choco Cheese. Hmm...Very Rich! Must EAT!

Garlic Bread. Step's Favourite!

Cremebrule. Mimi's FAVOURITE! haha!

Innocent? Wkaka...Tired of eating or Gossip?

END =) Overall RM45 ++? Reasonable price. Worth! Esp the cake, Garlic bread, drinks! Ops, I had list all? haha! Seem like every dish is worth for our money. Definately will come back again!

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