Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell


Last night, I went to ZEN with WenHaw and his buddies. We reached thr around 11pm. TRAFFIC JAM! Its was SO PACKED. CROWDED. HOt ChickS everywer. Nothing special, everything was like?? I had aspected? haha! It might be freakin funny if thr's a Santa Claus shuffle around? Beer. Beer. and BEERS! And Johnnie Walkers! And boxes of SNOW SPRAY. I forgot how many glasses of beer I had drink. I just remembered I drink 2 or 3 glasses of very PURE Johnnie Walker. I'm still not DRUNK yet very clear who is with me and what had happened and who talked to me! I know someone mention about my smelly lousy bloggie. Thx for reading! I was not drunk but I vomit when I reach home! I vomit outside the gate. WenHaw clean it for me. After sending me home, he went to buy lime juice for me. But I heard my hungry sis said she's hungry, and she drank the lime juice? I sleep with my ugly make up!

ThankSs to my dearest Wenhaw~ I'm not drunk. I know and I remember every single words u said and what u had did. Thanks for everything!!!!!!!! I have a great Xmas not bcz thr was sooo much beers and party, but the Xmas was great cz I get to see how much u care for me! Love u! And thx for the present!

p/s: still, no piCs! pics still with wenhaw!

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