Sunday, December 23, 2007


Will upload some pic after get it transfer from my bf's hp and Sharon's camera. Cz my camera is with Mum at HongKong now. And, I miss my Mum and Dad soooOOooo Much! I miss my mum's cooking. And, the house was very quiet without my dad and those BabieSss! Im BORED!

So, Friday nite I went to meet Mimi =) and Step! Its kinda long time din meet the Sleeping Beauty *MiMi*. We went to The Junk. Drink, Eat, Crap around. See you next year, GalS!

Saturday morning, wake up very early. 10am? Get ready and went to pick WenHaw and off to Boulevard. Many carSs along the road. Anyway, I managed to get a parking space in the basement. Very Lucky! Its very very Crowded, but still can breath la. What I can said its NOTHING! NOTHING inside! Besides the Boulevard its own deparment store, there's only another 6 shops are open. Everythg still in process or renovating. The department store have NOTHING special too. Those brand are like Bum? Diesel? Cindy? South China Sea? Cheetah? Valentino and so on. Whats NEW? Hang Ten, Converse, Simma, and NOTHING. There is Kenny Rogers but its isn't a new thing. It had opened a branch in Kuching before and its was closed down years ago due to the reason no ppl willing paid tat much money for Chicken!!??? And its not delicious at all. Hope this branch will serve better one.

I have to go now. Will bake a Christmas Cake! Stay with me =) More post!

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