Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas Eve 07"

-PicSSSs! Some are freakin ugly. Just Shut up. No comment needed.

Done with my Cat Eye cum Smoky Eye make up! Ready for the party~

Everyone is crazy+ing with this tallest xmas tree in kch.

But, for me; this is BEST Xmas Tree which done by THE JUNK.
So creative! Using those empty wain bottle as the tree, Environment friendly summore? Haha!

Decoration in front of Hilton.

Me and WenHaw at ZEN. *Ugly* haha!

My spec. Grow in the Dark.

This is the party pack I got last nite!

People who create this are fuckin creative lor!

The small glass is my FAVOURITE. You can hang it on ur neck and it has red color light on it.
And goes likes : Bling Bling Bling in the dark. So nice!

Xmas Gift with lotsa LOVE!

Merry Christmas!

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