Sunday, January 27, 2008

Its Sunday

Pause"""""""""" from my KL story!

Its Sunday! I love Sunday soooo Much! Cz need not to work! When Monday start I have to keep working non-stop! So, I have a break from one of my part time job tis month! Cz I have to do some arrangement and planning in my teaching. I'm also in charge of the management work in the tuition center I'm teaching now. Feel like "naik pangkat" yea! Salary will increase on March! Now, I have RM900 per month include petrol fee ^^ Hope can get RM1000 on March! And, of cz I'm teaching in another tuition at night, but I'll let Lung Wei take over my class, cz its freakin tiring! And, no time for dating, out with frens or shopping, and no time for family too!

Today, woke up at 11am? Sent car to workshop and finally the CD player is functioning again! Get back home and do some housework and off to The Spring to search for new year stuff. Get nth =( All the clothes or dress I tried look weird? But, few days ago, I had bought a dress at the Spring. Seem its quite a long time din shop in town area since the opening of Boulevard and The spring, so we decided to went to Parkson! And yea~ Bought a top from MNG =) Happy!

Love the colour and the quanlity. Look so sexy! Muakssss! The most important thing is tat I dun look fat with it!!!!

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