Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Myself

-again. LATE! Anyways...its just sum gift I received for my 20th Birthday!

From wen haw ^^ He made it de!!!

the lower part is STRAWBERRY flavour and the upper part is CHOCOLATE!

MuakSssss! Love it!

Soda Office Wear, Fr WenHaw too!

I was ZZzzz in the plane when on the way back to kch fr KL, once I opened my eye, I was like? WHAT!? FOR ME? so shocked! Not tat I'm shocked with Step giving me a present, cz I know she definately will buy me sth. I'm shocked cz...
this is for step! Gloss as well !!!! We really hav da same thought, mayb tat's de reason we like stick together n gossip...?

Nways, thx to Mimi too!

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