Saturday, January 05, 2008


wish everyone Happy BELATE New Year! I'm DAMN BUSY! Teaching Teaching, Shouting shouting, kids kidss and still kidsss! I start enjoy my job. There are lotsa different type of kids I had met. Time pass soo Fast teaching kids! Huh...! Flash back %$^%&^*^ Mum back from HK, buy nothing except some cosmetics MY FAV, perfume, accesorries, hair clips and those girl stuff la. And some dried food =) New Year Eve, had dinner with WenHaw at Kenny Rogers and off to ZEN again. Yea! Had a very WET new year eve! Raining heavily and ZEN was crowded once again. After count down, ppl start getting CRAZ + IER and HIGH + IER. We had "water flight" and umbrella was up even inside ZEN. Guy started took off their shirt and dance on the tables. Kinda enjoy and happy tat night. But, I know Jenna dun really enjoy tat nite. Hahahahahaaa! Then I start busy working in the following few daySsss! Have to wake up early, noon time have to pick up my sis and BabyAijia! I will still keep blogging, just maybe a bit SLOWER..!

Gonna straighten my hair on Tuesday! Yeah!!!!!!

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