Sunday, January 13, 2008

10+10 Birthday Celebration

Yea...I'm BUSSSSYYYY, so busy AGAIN. I had got my hair straighten at The Cut. RM100 =_=" freaking short hair le! And I had clear all my job and find teachers to replace me for next week cz im off to kl to celebrate my 20th Birthday! OLD! Before that, my fuckin nice frens had celebrated it with me last night...FIRST!! The actual date is 16 Jan and I'll be at Genting with my love one and those BitchSsss! Last nite, they prepared some food for BbQ. We have Crab meat, Hotdog, Chicken meat and Chicken Wing, Pork, Beef, Sotong, Oyster!!! I really enjoy the food esp the Oyster!! Finger licking good!! AND they baked a cake for me. REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYY damn "you xin" lor! Its a oreo choc cake! Haha! Not Bad! And my gift? HEELS, WiINE, CANDIES. Realllly thx alots! I have no time to list all the name here cz I still haven pack my thg yet! That's all. Will off to kl tomorrow morning and back on Saturday ^^ So! Miss u all and take care!

Especially thanks to Winnie and WeeNee! Lungwei and Sharon and Nana! Others I'll sms to thank you guys!

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