Monday, April 14, 2008

Attention =)

I HAD MOVE TO...........

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chinese NY 08*

Pasta from Secret recipe


New Year, Gathering, Family? Ai's birthaday? at secret recipe...
Family Potrait
Thx for listen to me when I need...
2nd day of CNY. Again... Big Big Family Potrait!


BaByChing Bck fr sg as well. He used to be ''she''...

Kim @ Shine! He ALSO used to be ''she''

LiChoo bck fr JB! She still she...Haha!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

she is emo+ing

Friend comes and goes

some of them just lookin for u when they need u

they wont care abt you when they are having fun

some of them always stick with u but with some reasons at the back

you never know why and never know when they will betray u

no matter how real and how good you treat them

you will still never be the best

so what for you need friends?

what the use u dun mind fetching them

what the use u dun mind paying MORE almost everytime

to disappoint yourself or to hurt yourself

open your eye and see how those friend treaten you lar!

they have so many reasons for forgetting you

they have only one reason to ask u out

the reason is they need you to pick them lar!


but its ok u see the reality rite now

at least u wont loss anythg again start from now on

and you finally get back the real friendship that you had lost

you are doing the right thing giving up them as friend

and you dun have to feel sad or hurt

they dun worth for your tears

be strong, my girl...!!!

there are still lotsa ppl might can be ur real fren

3rd Valentines

Happpy Valentines to You and Me
There are too much reason for me to love and stay with you...
There is no reason for me to leave!
Love u forever, the promise I made it and never gonna break it.

*** Valentine ***

- Being with the one you love the most, everyday gonna be a sweet Valentines. There's no need to wait till 14th Feb and u start busy searching for gifts, and flowers? And, u have no idea to buy cz u dono him/her well enough! And FlowerS! Expensive on V day...

-This year, as usual: Dinner =) and gifts. Dinner at Manhattan and off to town and turn around to watch ppl selling roses and bears. I think their business were not so good? Less couple this year or no money or they have prepared sth more special than buying those "boring" flowers and bears at the roadside? No idea! Anyway, happy V for those who are in LOVE and Happy single V for those single!

After Dinner, no place to go cz its not our 1st Valentines and we stick together everyday so no idea wer else can be more special? Pass by one restaurant and we had our FIRST time thr. Shhhh....!

First time trying this Sisha. Turkish smoking pipe @ Little Lebanon. We had apple favour. Sucks! Dunhill much much better ???? No doubt.

Thanks a lots!


Warranty for 1 year ONLY! Rochet have 2 or 3 years!

A box of Chocolate. Yum Yum!!!


I dun wan to; bt I have to admit that I din get him a very expensive present. I want to bt he stop me =) And giving him this present was kinda self-fish too, I know! CZ I want him to save money for my shopping. Haha. You can say watever u wan on me cz I dun care, but you cant stop him for doing it for me! Cz... I worth for him to do so! I'm saving a big amount of money for this coming August!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bla Bla Bla

Jz back from:
Junction for - Turkey Ham Sandwiches with fries and Ice Blended Lemonade
Secret Recipe for - Marble Cheese and a glass of Hot fresh milk ^^

Happy Belated Valentine to all dear readers!

P/s: Manhanttan Fish Market is not as nice as I expected. I dun like the food and their interior. Flies flying here and thr. Its reli like a fish market. Food are bored. Fish, Fish, Fish! And, I hate fish.
Valentines post up next! Zzzzz...

All I wanna EAT

- Continue...

Yayaya...I love food more than shopping! Many ppl will said shop till drop in kl. But, are u sure? can u shop till drop in places like klcc, pavilion or the Garden? Except for those rich ppl might shop till drop. For me, only walk and see till drop! So, I always wanted to treat my stomach nicely! I spent lotsa money on food in my trip.

Marry Brown

Dunkin Donut. Look nice ya~

Bt, it's fuckin sweet! Oh, yucks! I only have 2 or 3 bite den threw away! Mint Choco.

Yoyoyo! Most expensive ice cream corn I ever have. Rm 8.90! Bt, its reli nice and worth! Cheese Rasberry! Really can taste the Cheeessyyyy!

McD. Cz Kch dun have this! Apple favour.

Pocky!! Get it from the 7-eleven opposite my hotel.

Sarawak Laksa in KL, RM12.90!!! pengZ"

One for RM10 ONLY!!!! I really want to buy, bt its hard for me to carry it in a crowd!
And, yes! Original Mickey! Hehehehe...Got it from Mid-Valley.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Its Sunday

Pause"""""""""" from my KL story!

Its Sunday! I love Sunday soooo Much! Cz need not to work! When Monday start I have to keep working non-stop! So, I have a break from one of my part time job tis month! Cz I have to do some arrangement and planning in my teaching. I'm also in charge of the management work in the tuition center I'm teaching now. Feel like "naik pangkat" yea! Salary will increase on March! Now, I have RM900 per month include petrol fee ^^ Hope can get RM1000 on March! And, of cz I'm teaching in another tuition at night, but I'll let Lung Wei take over my class, cz its freakin tiring! And, no time for dating, out with frens or shopping, and no time for family too!

Today, woke up at 11am? Sent car to workshop and finally the CD player is functioning again! Get back home and do some housework and off to The Spring to search for new year stuff. Get nth =( All the clothes or dress I tried look weird? But, few days ago, I had bought a dress at the Spring. Seem its quite a long time din shop in town area since the opening of Boulevard and The spring, so we decided to went to Parkson! And yea~ Bought a top from MNG =) Happy!

Love the colour and the quanlity. Look so sexy! Muakssss! The most important thing is tat I dun look fat with it!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Myself

-again. LATE! Anyways...its just sum gift I received for my 20th Birthday!

From wen haw ^^ He made it de!!!

the lower part is STRAWBERRY flavour and the upper part is CHOCOLATE!

MuakSssss! Love it!

Soda Office Wear, Fr WenHaw too!

I was ZZzzz in the plane when on the way back to kch fr KL, once I opened my eye, I was like? WHAT!? FOR ME? so shocked! Not tat I'm shocked with Step giving me a present, cz I know she definately will buy me sth. I'm shocked cz...
this is for step! Gloss as well !!!! We really hav da same thought, mayb tat's de reason we like stick together n gossip...?

Nways, thx to Mimi too!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

KL food =) I love***

KL is NOT just about SHOPPING, but EATING as well. This is my 1st post or 1st story abt KL trip among others cz this is the only thg I still missing soooooooooooo MUCH afta return here for a week.

Lok LokSsssssss in a Pasar Malam near Damansara.

They are still HOT and crispy! And CHEAP sumore! RM1 each and the most expensive one also only RM1.50. Fuckin cheap compare to kch, rite? And, there are LOTSA choices! Fuck tis place, make me missing it like hell!

This is one of my flavourite. RM1.50! It taste like ham? But, its not Bak Kua. Delicious!

Fat Man SteamBoat

Which to name 1st? TELL ME!

This lok lok or steamboat are placed on a lorry. And you have to stand thr and eat at the roadside. Its very very nice, and I really enjoy eating like tat! No words can use to be describe my feeling. Haiz! Wonderful place!

Even its a roadside food, but its very clean. All the fishballs, seafood, sausages are very fresh and juicy! Im hungry now!

You surely wish to eat ALL...

Especially this! Bt its expensive, I took one and it cost me RM5.70!

Satay sauce.

Curry sauce. Very spicy!

This is...sweet soya sauce, I guess?

There are vege too. RM2.00!

Boiled those lok lok u had chose and den eat it with some sauces.


I still remember, this is the last two I ate. Miss u, babe!

Just two person eating thr, like around 10 lok lok cost almost RM40. The price start from RM1.70 till RM5.70. A little expensive but its reli very very very very NICE!
NEXT! Curry Fish Ball @ Ka Lei Yu Dan

RM1 each! Got 4 flavour, which is curry, satay, tomyan and? Forgot!

"Bu Zai Kou" in cantonese! Always heard it in some HK movie, so MUST TRY!

RM2.00 for 3! Not very nice, its sth taste like red bean?