Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ai Sian's BirthdaY

...Back to one week ago...

Well, last friday was AiSian the-vegetarian-girl's birthday...

So, we buy a cake for her and celebrate at Dong Guan Xi Guan. Lots of fren were thr, included HuiSiong who back from Australia.

Nothing special...jz chit chat around. And I send AiSian back around 11pm cz she is "guai guai" gal.

Here is some pic...
Make a wish...

Cut the cake...SingHui? Taken or been taken?

Ai get a bowl of FREE ice cream fr Dong Guan Xi Guan cz its her big day!
Birhtday gal shud be treaten this way..

this is the BRAND NEW SEXY Jenna!!

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