Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Night At Senso

Last last Saturday night, the nite after Ai's birthday. I had been to Senso with....Jenna, Sien, Dan, Doris, Ting, Tim, Lwei, Hsiong n of cz Sharon! Its my first time been there!

This bar is cool and different from others. It is a very standard and more high class than others, the waiter and waitress all in a neat black color uniform and good manner.Unlike others bar or pub, some of the waitress are so so sexy and hav a very good manner? (well, i mean some?)

Sharon n Me...
Our drink...

This is what make us feel good!!

She is soooo friendly...
Come to our table for a chat + take photo with us!
She came to our table for the 2nd time and invite Tim to sing
"Yue Liang Dai Bia Wo De Xin"...

Senso...A place you must go!

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