Sunday, March 04, 2007

Im BACK again.

Its been a long time I din update and my blog almost DIE. I'm back now to save my blog. Hihi... Promise will always update my blog, ok?

"Sunday" also Chap Goh Mei...

Actually this morning wanna go breakfast with MS and Jenna.
MS sms me said she is ready at 8am, Jenna sms me said "ok liao" at 9am.
BUT...I wake up at 10:30am!!! I'm so SORRY!!

I quickly take bath and go fetch them.Its already 11 sth, so we din go for breakfast just go for a drink and chit chat...

So, we went to IGLOO at 4miles thr, just next to Everrise!

Im on diet but why I still go for this? All this choc, strawberry, mango ice gonna increase my weight...

But, NO WORRIES...This is a healthy product!! Even u eat everyday also wont make u FAT and wont make u COUGH (suitable for ppl on diet and small kids and our granny) !!!

The ice is imported from TAIWAN...And you can find it everywhere around the world!! Singapore, Japan, NZ, Canada, Thailand and so on!!
ITS TRUTH...u can read all the information and photo on the menu...

The decoration for the wall remind me the Lavender cafe/bakery at Johor airport! The decoration is exactly the same...
The waiter and waitress are OVER friendly! Keep saying welcome, thanks for coming, come again...I think in Kuching, this kind of service still cant be accepted? Not bCz we are rude ppl. But, it just make me feel "Ops, so weird...over friendly..." For me, its Annoying!

Some of the product are still not available..! I want da mango flavour!!
Sob Sob!

Thx to MS for pushing the wall...
Ops,its a door!

Yam Yam!!

Jenna and MeiSien!!
Well, the price was reasonable and affortable. The lowest is RM4.80 and the highest is RM6 (if im not mistaken??)
After IGLOO, the time is still early...I still have some times before go to work! So, I bring MS to see the car at airport thr. She hav a Scout exam that need to travel till Sibu so they need to rent a van!

This what she chosen.A Kia van that cost RM350 for 1day! Its a bit bit expensive...But, the car is still newand the car mirror got suncool sticker? izzit call sticker?well, i dono!
Then at night have steamboat with family for Chap Goh Mei dinner! After dinner, I go out with WenHaw. We went for a walk then --> McDonald!!
I just start my DIET today but I FAIL =( Bcz of the TWISTED FRIES! Its hard to be a slim and sexy girl! So, STOP laughing at Fat Girls!

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