Saturday, March 10, 2007

LivinG RoOM

Yeah, Its my favourite time again! its holiday but only one week! After this holiday will be my exam! Not thinking to study hard hard cz there are so so many plan in my mind to enjoy this holiday!

Tonight, Sharon, Step and me went to "The Living Room"...Its a very very nice place and with very special and creative decoration and design! I'm loving it!

Unluckily!! Cz the kitchen is close and will open on Monday! So, we just have drink ONLY. However drink cant fulfil us so we went to point one after Living Room!

the Living Room

Only can have drink:(

Touch the ball...Feel it! haha...

And its ME!!
Lack of photo tonight for this post cz my camera is LOW batt...Wait for next time,ok?Haha...

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