Wednesday, January 23, 2008

KL food =) I love***

KL is NOT just about SHOPPING, but EATING as well. This is my 1st post or 1st story abt KL trip among others cz this is the only thg I still missing soooooooooooo MUCH afta return here for a week.

Lok LokSsssssss in a Pasar Malam near Damansara.

They are still HOT and crispy! And CHEAP sumore! RM1 each and the most expensive one also only RM1.50. Fuckin cheap compare to kch, rite? And, there are LOTSA choices! Fuck tis place, make me missing it like hell!

This is one of my flavourite. RM1.50! It taste like ham? But, its not Bak Kua. Delicious!

Fat Man SteamBoat

Which to name 1st? TELL ME!

This lok lok or steamboat are placed on a lorry. And you have to stand thr and eat at the roadside. Its very very nice, and I really enjoy eating like tat! No words can use to be describe my feeling. Haiz! Wonderful place!

Even its a roadside food, but its very clean. All the fishballs, seafood, sausages are very fresh and juicy! Im hungry now!

You surely wish to eat ALL...

Especially this! Bt its expensive, I took one and it cost me RM5.70!

Satay sauce.

Curry sauce. Very spicy!

This is...sweet soya sauce, I guess?

There are vege too. RM2.00!

Boiled those lok lok u had chose and den eat it with some sauces.


I still remember, this is the last two I ate. Miss u, babe!

Just two person eating thr, like around 10 lok lok cost almost RM40. The price start from RM1.70 till RM5.70. A little expensive but its reli very very very very NICE!
NEXT! Curry Fish Ball @ Ka Lei Yu Dan

RM1 each! Got 4 flavour, which is curry, satay, tomyan and? Forgot!

"Bu Zai Kou" in cantonese! Always heard it in some HK movie, so MUST TRY!

RM2.00 for 3! Not very nice, its sth taste like red bean?


Edmund Yung said...

Before you even update the blog with a story, I'm already amazed how good your photography skills. These photos are very good!

Dav DiDi said...

The food looks tasty ...